"No top or bottom" Acrylic on wood. 2012.
"Selva Nevada" Mixmedia. 2000. Exhibited in March 2012 at Anonymous gallery Mexico City.
Work on paper. Sold at Project Paz Benefit. Soho New York. 2011.
Mixmedia on wood. 23"x23". 2010. "All City" group show. NY. 2011.
Acrylic on canvas. 12"x12". Series of 5. 2005.
Works exhibited at 1999-2009 Show. NY. 2009.

Acrylic on luan wood. Exhibited at The Armoire Show. NY. 2012
Mural at Donell Library, 16'x18'. Midtown New York. 2011.
Installation. Acrylic and enamel. 8'x14'. "Pavement" group show. Greenpoint New York. 2002.
"Raramuri" Donated to Project Paz, an auction to help Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. New York 2010.

Acrylic on paper. 32"x40". 2007.
Untitled. Acrylic on wood 17"x23". 2006.
Acrylic on cardboard. Untitled series of 6. 30"x20" each. 2006.
Acrylic on paper. Untitled series of 15. 16"x20". 2007.